Can an Outdoor Shower Add Value to Your Long Island Home?

The average American can expect to move upwards of 11 times in their adult lifetime. If in some of those cases you actually purchased the home, wouldn’t you want to do your best to maintain the structure and even add value to it as the years go by? When trying to add value to your home, home improvement projects go a long way–especially on Long Island, New York. One vast home improvement you can make is the addition of an outdoor shower. Continue reading this blog post from Hardy Plumbing & Heating to learn how an outdoor shower can add value to your Suffolk County, NY home.


Top Ways That Outdoor Showers Add Value to Homes in NY

Pair It with Other Features

Unique outdoor fixtures often can attract buyers to your home. An outdoor shower, paired with such other outdoor features as a pool or fire pit, can add even more value to an otherwise fantastic home. These interesting additions captivate buyers because of the added luxury they bring. An outdoor shower offers the convenience of an extra bathing place for guests or a rinse-off station for the pool, for after a hard day’s work in the yard, or for kids playing outside. The benefit is in never having to worry about trudging dirt in the house again and having an all-star luxury that only a few homes have.

 A Stand-Out Addition

As a stand-out addition, it can raise your home’s property value significantly. In fact, according to, houses with the addition of an outdoor shower had a 97% price-per-square-foot premium[1]. You could go even further with the plumbing fixtures and installations by adding a vanity and new toilet.

This is Even More Important in New York

When looking at the numbers for New York homes, the value of adding an outdoor shower becomes even more notable. Though you might expect sunnier areas to have more properties with outdoor showers, these plumbing installations can offer more value in places, like Long Island, where they are less common. According to the above-mentioned article, New York state homes with outdoor showers list at 256% more per square foot than others.

Go a Step Further with Stylish Outdoor Shower Designs

Want to make your home even more desirable to buyers? Choosing a stylish design for your fixtures will enhance your home’s ambience, making it the envy of the neighborhood. There are all kinds of features you can select to make this addition to your home one of the property’s most pleasant and visually stunning features.

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