Sanitization & Cleaning Services in Eastern Long Island

Cleanliness is essential for healthy living, comfort, and peace of mind in your Eastern Long Island home or business. If you’re looking for cleaning services and sanitization of your living space or workplace, you’ve come to the right company. Hardy Plumbing & Heating employs expert plumbers, service technicians, and cleaning experts.


COVID-19 Cleaning Specialization

In the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, cleanliness, sanitization, and germ-killing are at the top of everyone’s mind. As your family and our team follow CDC recommendations, social distancing guidelines, and state and federal regulations, it’s important to sanitize after heading outside for essential reasons. Please know that while sanitizing, we will be wearing protective gear and following all social distancing recommendations.

How We Sanitize Your Home or Business

If you need help sanitizing your home or business, we at Hardy Plumbing & Heating can help. We use a CDC-recommended hydrogen peroxide, which experts have proven is effective against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, spores, and other microorganisms. Read below to learn how we specialize in home and workplace sanitization:

  • Heavy-duty 5% hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution
  • HEPA industrial rug cleaning
  • UV light sanitizing systems
  • Automated and manual product distribution
  • Additional home and workplace deep cleaning

We can use our materials, staffing, and thoroughness to clean any space you want us to. Get in touch with our team today to request cleaning services for your residential or commercial space.