Renovations and Remodels: When to Call a Plumber

Are you doing renovations in your Long Island home? DIY home projects are all the rage these days. People love doing home renovations themselves, but there are some things you should always call a professional for, and one of those is plumbing. When it comes to renovating and remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, leave the waterworks to the plumbing professionals. While there are DIY books and tutorials on sites like YouTube, dealing with pipes is usually trickier than you may at first realize, and you can end up doing a lot more damage than good. And, any damage you do, you’ll have to pay to correct, which will be costlier than hiring a plumber the first time around.

DIY Don’ts for Plumbing on Long Island

If you’re looking to renovate or remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you might encounter the following plumbing projects that require a professional to make your renovation a success.

  • You want to install a new bathroom sink, faucet, and plumbing lines.
  • You want to add spa amenities to your bathroom, like a hot tub.
  • You want to install a new kitchen sink and garbage disposal.
  • You want a rainfall showerhead for your shower.

A book or video may make these projects seem simple enough, but you’ll likely often find that you have to work around plumbing pipes, and you might have to move drain lines.

The most important reason to hire a plumbing contractor—is that they’ve got a load more experience than you do, and they know what they’re doing. When you think about it, is it really worth the risk of trying to do something as technical as plumbing when you have a plumber’s phone number at your fingertips? Plus, when it comes to moving drain lines and installing new plumbing hardware, a plumber will make sure everything is up to code, which is something you may be a lot less familiar with.

Contact Hardy for Your Plumbing Renovations

Be confident in your new plumbing, and don’t risk the chance of having to call a plumber later to fix damage or mistakes. If you’re doing kitchen or bathroom remodeling or renovations, call Hardy Plumbing & Heating to get it done the first time around and be sure to give us a ring if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.