What to Know about Pool Heater Installations on Long Island

Have you been starting to think about opening the pool on your Long Island property? The weather’s starting to warm up, and Memorial Day weekend will be here before we know it. Install a pool heater for your New York swimming pool so that you can take advantage of swimming and underwater fun during more than just summer’s peak months. A simple and affordable installation from Hardy Plumbing & Heating could be all it takes to extend your enjoyment into the spring and fall.

Picking a Pool Heater Installation Provider Near You

When it comes to pool heaters, you should trust a plumbing professional. After all, your pool is a significant investment and should be taken care of properly by someone who is trained and qualified. Looking for a local plumber is a great place to start—just double-check that they offer pool heater installation and repair services before you jump in the deep end by becoming a customer. Hardy Plumbing, for example, is pleased to provide complete pool heater installation and service for homes within our Long Island service area.

Determine the Source of Fuel for Your Pool Heater

Because of their affordability and dependability, we recommend propane-powered gas pool heaters to our customers. If you already have a propane storage tank on your property, we can hook up your pool heater to this existing supply of fuel. If you don’t use propane elsewhere on your property, it’s simple enough to equip your home with an ample amount for your NY pool heating needs.

Consider the Cost of Your Pool Heater Installation

Some providers, like Hardy Plumbing & Heating, offer financing opportunities to help their customers alleviate the brunt of the cost of an installation. If you qualify, you’ll be able to make small monthly payments for your pool heater, extending the range of time that you’ll be able to use your pool comfortably.

Request a Quote on a Pool Heater Installation from Hardy Plumbing

Hardy Plumbing is the top service provider on the East End of Long Island. Our technicians and plumbers have years of experience serving the needs of our Suffolk County residents, including pool heater installation and maintenance. If you’d like to request a no-obligation quote on your new pool heater installation today before jumping off the diving board with a full commitment, get in touch with our team online. We’re always pleased to help.