Top 10 Plumbing Winterization Tips on Long Island

Fall’s coming to Long Island, New York, and we all know what that means—colder temperatures and more temperamental weather in general. Though many families will revel in the brisk weather and routine that the back-to-school season delivers, there are a handful of important home maintenance routines to keep in mind as the leaves start to change.

Do you have a home or business on Long Island? If so, you need to take care of your plumbing equipment, especially when winter is right around the corner. Hardy Plumbing & Heating is here to let you know some top plumbing winterization tips to help keep your Suffolk County property in the best possible shape, even when cold temperatures threaten the integrity of your water systems.

The 10 Plumbing Winterization Tips You Need to Know on Long Island, NY

Tip 1: Running your faucets even at a drip can help prevent freezing pipes in the event of a cold snap.

Tip 2: Removing and draining all exterior hoses will reduce the risk of ice buildup, which can cause pressure buildup in indoor water lines. Prolonged pressure can cause leaks and breakage.

Tip 3: Turn off the water supply to outdoor faucets, then drain any remaining water by opening the taps until they run dry. Keep in mind that water expands as it freezes, so you don’t want any leftover water sitting in your outdoor pipes all winter!

Tip 4: Protect outdoor faucets further by insulating them with an outdoor faucet sock cover.

Tip 5: Keep indoor pipes warm and cozy with foam insulation, ideally with electrical tape underneath.

Tip 6: Keep indoor temperatures above 55 degrees, even if you’re traveling away from your home.

Tip 7: Keep cabinet doors beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks open to allow warm air to circulate through and keep water within the pipes underneath flowing normally.

Tip 8: Keep the garage door closed and window treatments shut to keep heated air inside where it belongs.

Tip 9: Check your windows and doors for air leaks and seal them using caulk or weather stripping.

Tip 10: Use a programmable thermostat to keep your home at a predictable temperature.

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Need Help Getting Your Long Island Property Ready for Winter?

The experts at Hardy Plumbing & Heating would love to help. We employ a team of professional plumbers and heating technicians who are fully equipped to keep your property safe, cozy, and dry, even when New York temperatures drop to unthinkable lows. We offer house winterization and house opening services across Suffolk County, NY. Get in touch if you need assistance with your winterization process this year.