5 Household Plumbing Jobs to Put Your Tax Return to Good Use

Tax returns are on their way to early filers in the North and South Fork, Long Island area! Have you filed your 2020 taxes yet, or are you planning to do it soon? Either way, soon you’re sure to have a refund check mailed your way. What will you spend your latest tax refund on?

For some homeowners, the answer to that will be home plumbing projects they’ve been putting off. Winter and job instability has made it hard for some to perform the routine and extra at-home plumbing projects that your home needs to remain operational and keep your family comfortable. Now may be the perfect time to check some things off your Eastern Long Island’s home plumbing task list.

5 Ways to Improve Household Plumbing on Long Island:

If you’re thinking about putting your tax return toward some much-needed plumbing projects, here are five ideas to consider:

1.      Fix a Running Toilet

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a toilet that noisily starts running? Along with being a nuisance, running toilets waste up to 26 gallons of water each day, costing you more on your utilities. This is often a simple fix that can be repaired in just minutes by an expert with the right tools.

2.      Replace a Leaky Faucet

Similar to a running toilet, a leaky faucet can add to your rising water bills. Not to mention that constant running water can corrode and rust your piping more quickly, eventually requiring a replacement.

3.      Unclog a Stopped or Slow Drain Line

Unclogging drains is one of the less glamorous tasks when it comes to homeownership. Let our experts handle your clogged drains and get your water back to flowing how it’s supposed to.

4.      Install a Low-Flow Shower Head

Speaking of ways to save water, installing a low-flow shower head could be just the trick you need to save more on water each quarter. It’s likely that your family has been spending more time at home this year, so it’s the perfect time to reduce water usage without cutting shower times short.

5.      Caulk a Tub or Shower

Allowing water to leak into the borders of your tub or shower can be a recipe for disaster—after all, water leakage causes mold, which can compromise the health of your family and the integrity of your home’s structure. Sealing your tub takes only minutes and will last for years.

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