Is It Time for a Plumbing Upgrade?

When is the last time you took a good look at your plumbing? Like everything else in your Long Island home, your plumbing will need upgrades from time to time. Hard winters especially put a lot of stress on pipes. Freezing weather can cause cracks in seams, and time alone can cause corrosion and sediment buildup. So, when is it time to upgrade your plumbing? Read on to find out a few ways you can check to see if it’s time for some replacements.


3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Plumbing:

  1. You see water damage in your home. The point of water pipes is to keep the water contained! If you start to notice water spots on your ceiling or on your walls, you can probably guess that the water isn’t being contained anymore. Water damage can lead to larger problems and bigger leaks, not to mention the risk of mold and mildew. If you notice water damage in your home, call us to have it checked out. It may be time for some replacements and upgrades.
  2. Your water isn’t running clear anymore. Let’s face it—discolored water coming out of the faucet grosses most everyone out, so why deal with it? If you notice your water is discolored—brown or orange and musty looking, that’s a sure sign of corrosion within your pipes or water heater. This is a serious issue because that corrosion can cause sediment to build in your pipes, meaning clogs, and even the possibility of the pipes bursting. Plus, dirty water is terrible for your health in general, so if you notice discoloration, contact us so we can take a look and let you know if it’s time for an upgrade.
  3. Your water smells bad. We all know that water doesn’t really have much of scent. If your water has a funky odor, that should definitely be a red flag for you. Weird smells can indicate bacteria growth in your pipes. This isn’t uncommon for older plumbing, but it’s a sure sign that you should have your plumbing checked out right away. It may be time for a replacement.


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We’re the most trusted and affordable plumber on the East End of Long Island. If you notice any of these problem with your water or pipes, contact us for a consultation. Don’t put off having your plumbing upgraded; forgoing important replacements can cause serious damage—not to mention, it’s bad for your health. The good news is that Hardy is always here to keep your home’s plumbing system runing smoothly and keep your family safe and sound.