De-Winterizing Your Long Island Home

It’s been a long, cold, hard winter here on Long Island. Warmer weather has finally made its way to New York, and if you winterized your home, it’s time to get it ready for the warmer seasons. De-winterizing your home is a little more than just opening the curtains and turning on the water. There are quite a few things to check off your home-opening list. If you had your home professionally winterized, you’ll need a checklist to get your home ready for summer. We at Hardy Plumbing & Heating are here to tell you everything you need to do, so keep reading to learn how to de-winterize your home.

House Opening Checklist to De-Winterize Long Island Homes for Spring & Summer:

Turn on Your Electrical Circuits

When you have your home winterized, it’s not uncommon to have your electrical service shut off except for a few essential circuits. When you open your home back up, go to the main service panel and turn on any circuit breakers that have been shut off. You’ll need to get your light fixtures turned on in order to get all your plumbing fixtures up and running again.

Connect Water Supply Tubes and Pipes

If you disconnected some supply tubes from plumbing fixtures while winterizing your home, you’ll need to reconnect all of those tubes and piping. Make sure that sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers are reconnected. Also check all utility appliances to make sure they are connected.

Turn on the Water Supply

When all tubes and pipes are connected, you can slowly turn on the main water supply. You can find this valve at the main entrance pipe delivering water to the house. If your home has a utility sink near this valve, be sure to open the faucet as you slowly turn on the water supply. This will help trapped air to escape.

Turn on Plumbing Fixtures

When you have the main water supply opened at least halfway, turn on all of your plumbing fixtures one by one. When you first turn on faucets, air may rush out, and there may be a lot of splashing. This is normal. Once the water runs regularly, you can turn off the faucet.

Reprogram the Thermostat

Your thermostat was likely set to a special setting when you were away, so now is the time to reprogram your thermostat for regular home living. Now summer fun and comfort are right around the corner!

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Contact Hardy Plumbing for Long Island House Openings

We are here to get your house open and operating for the spring and summer months so that you can make the best of the warm seasons. If you need assistance de-winterizing your home or if you have any questions, learn more about our house opening and de-winterization services on Long Island, NY. We can also assist you with repair and installation for any outdoor showers, water fixtures, or other household plumbing products at your property. Contact us today for a quote. We would love to help.