Kitchen Renovation Plumbing for Your Long Island Home

Whether preparing meals or simply grabbing something from the fridge, families spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Your kitchen should be a space you’re proud of in your Long Island, NY home. In your Long Island, NY home, your kitchen should be a space you’re proud of. You’ll receive plenty of benefits from your decision to renovate your kitchen with fixtures you’ll love and plumbing that will help you clean up after meals. We at Hardy Plumbing and Heating will help you with all of your kitchen renovation plumbing needs.

Sink, Garbage Disposal, and Dishwasher Installations

Let’s face it—from simple handwashing to meal prep to rinsing dishes, we spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink. Could your kitchen’s plumbing use a renovation? Is your sink high efficiency and eco-friendly? Is it large enough and deep enough? You might just need a new installation. Additionally, you could add a garbage disposal to your new sink installation, so you’d never need to worry again about food rotting away in your garbage can. You’ll produce less trash, reduce kitchen odor, and spend less time on waste disposal. How well is your dishwasher holding up? Do you have one, or have you always dreamed of having one? If you’re tired of a poorly performing dishwasher, or if you’re tired of washing dishes altogether, we’ll install a dishwasher in your New York home affordably and efficiently. Learn more about the kitchen renovation plumbing services provided by our local Long Island, NY plumbers. Contact us for an installation quote or to learn more!


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We at Hardy Plumbing are your kitchen plumbing renovation experts. Our plumbing technicians have years of experience under their belts and will place your new installation affordably and efficiently, so you can have the kitchen renovation of your dreams. Contact us today for a quote.


Hardy Plumbing technician installing a new kitchen sink