Spring Plumbing & Heating Advice
12 More Tips from Joe Hardy, The Original "Joe the Plumber". Call today and ask to speak with Joe Hardy - he will answer any plumbing questions you may have!
  • To avoid any unnecessary service calls during the hectic summer months, schedule a FREE inspection by Joe Hardy himself, prior to the season rush.
  • Consider a FREE water analysis to determine the corrosiveness and iron content of your tap water. Poor water quality affects ALL your plumbing fixtures and faucets.
  • If it is more than 12-years old, consider replacing your glass-lined hot water heater to avoid costly flood damage. Replace your outdated heater with an on-demand, 95% efficient tankless unit to save on energy costs.
  • Have HARDY drain the sediment from your existing water heater and replace the anode rod to extend the life of the tank. This will improve the efficiency of your existing heater as well.
  • If you have a water problem in your basement, consider having HARDY install a 90-Gallon per minute sump pump to prevent water damage from heavy rains or leaking water lines. If your home has already a pump, let HARDY service it so it is in top working order.
  • If you are still using the old and outdated rubber hoses on your washing machine hook-up, call HARDY today and replace them with new stainless steel ones. The outdated rubber hoses dry out and can cause major water damage to your home.
  • Did you know that a leaking faucet can waste 250 gallons of water in a single day? If you have a leaky faucet or a constantly running toilet, consider having HARDY repair them. This simple step can help cut down on your water and electric usage, resulting in lower water and utility bills.
  • Consider having HARDY service your well tank. Short-cycling of the pump due to low air in the tank can be very costly if it burns out your submersible pump.
  • Whether you have Town water or well water, sand and sediment can result in problems with your toilets, faucets and water supplied appliances. Call HARDY to install a rust and sediment filter on your water main. These filters are inexpensive and can be maintained by you, the homeowner.
  • Clean and service your gas boiler and water heater burner assemblies. Clogged or restricted burner assemblies can dramatically affect the efficiency of your unit.
  • If your garden hoses were left connected during the winter months, frost-free hose bibs can leak internally causing damage in the basement. Call HARDY to check all your exterior hose-bibs prior to turning them on.
  • Consider calling HARDY to check the drains and valves throughout your home. It is important that all valves are serviced and lubricated in case of an emergency
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